Capturing Hong Kong’s Dizzying Vertical Density

Myung Keun Koh's Photo Sculptures Play With Perception


Utagawa Kuniyoshi (January 1, 1797 - April 14, 1861)

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Sunga Park

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Freixenet Sara Baras 2011 (x)

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The Architecture of Madness | León Ferrari | Socks Studio

León Ferrari (1920-2013) was an Argentinian conceptual artist who worked with a series of extremely different medias through the years. Trained as an engineer, he gained notoriety in the 1960s thanks to his polemical works on religion and politics. Exiled in 1976 in Brazil, he started  a series of plans using heliography, the technique traditionally employed by architects,until the advent of the computers, in order to reproduce their drawings. Combining letraset icons to hand sketches, he invented labyrintic worlds which became part of a series called “The architecture of Madness”.

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Satellite Landscapes Jenny Odell


Ikimono Architects


Gando School Library by Diébédo Francis Kéré

Clay pots, traditionally made by the women of the village, were cast into the concrete ceiling to allow for light and ventilation.

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The Rotunda Installation  |  Citylaboratory

Location: Les Jardins de Métis, Quebec, Canada

“Conceived as a device capturing the beauty of nature, the intention is to transform the surrounding landscape into the garden itself by capturing what is outside its boundaries.”


Juliaan Lampens - Vandenhaute-Kiebooms House, Belgium, 1967. Via. Photos (C) Jan Kempenaer.


Alvar Aalto
Casa de verano
Isla de Muuratsalo, Finlandia

Photo: Hassan Bagheri